Joaca De-a Oamenii

noiembrie 5th, 2008


Posted by zambetcicatrizat in Personal  Tagged    
I’m a child with no limits and I may seem stupidly cute to you trying to answer some simple questions here.The truth is I’m not.I am what I am and nobody can change my depressive ass, not evan me.I read a lot more then other guys my age do and I care about what my soul is about, no numbers, no logics, just a bunch of dialectic unproveble shit.Not a beliver, can’t fit into a category, with a small amount of people that know what I’m about.Never try to catch my breath into what I write because it may be a lie (or not?).I truly love and I truly hate, with no middle feelings, I despaise getting pittyed and I do not pitty, tehrefore I’m not a good christian , as you can see.Today I only have one song left in my head, because today I’m mad at myself and I wish I could just sell my soul to anyone open to make a trade with me.Your probably wondering what’s with the english thing.I don’t evan know myself.I need to get out of my head…

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