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aprilie 18th, 2009

Ode To Mary Jane

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  Misty,that’s how it was,the smoke from his joint blew in my face and he laughed out loud.It felt so good watching his happyness,thought it wouldn’t last.He then lit up my joint and placed it between my lips,he told me to breath like i was having a tahicardic atac and I was flyin’.Time melted.Everything melted but I could still hear his voice,feel his hands holding mine as if we were two kids in a montagne-russe and we were scared to death.But there was nothing to be afraid of,there seemed to be no measures at all,I was imagining Ceausescu and I bursted into laughter too when I saw his one of a kind unfucked look in the eye.It was evan better when I finally got back to him,everything was spining and he held me .And threw the fast forward background I felt the need to make love to him,but wasn’t love a very big word for what I really wanted?I just pressed my body against his,then the world became stable.Stable but something seemed to run threw me,fuck Eros and Philos,this was Agape in my veins and it consumed me,or was I consuming it…?The love that devours,that is Agape,and yes,I was it’s poor victim in this,but it felt addicting,it felt endless until it finally ended.And when it did it felt like waking up next to him after an eternity of sleep.He was there,looking at the trees with his eyes filled with light,I never understood why Agape didn’t bloom in me when I saw his beauty.
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