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mai 20th, 2009

For those who are stupid enough to not belive.

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 I saw her siting next to the dirty water,with a silver cross so little and fragile in her white lady hands.I looked at her lips moving and saying nothing,then the cross flew into the water and was no more to be seen.Then I reacted…Kind of shocked,kind of understanding,I aproched.I was so much older than her,she was a non-exotic Lolita to me,so perfect in the purity her body was dressed with.
-You still belive in old Jah Jah precios?
Then her eyes turned to mine,empty and cold.
-Jah Jah…she said it like something was ripped from her body and now when she felt the empty spot pain made her shiver.Jah Jah…he’s been my guide.He’s been the one I cried to,the one i fought for,the one I would give everything for.The love of Jah is to me like the love of all people in the world,different by times,depending on how I behave,Jah is a father,a boy,and a baby,but he still is a man,and men are cruel,they do not know how to fight feelings or how to embrace them,if Jah is a man,I do not want his blessing.If Jah is a spirit,he may punish for this,but I may also remind him of all the times I needed him and he turned his back to me,I may remind him that I  already paid for this sin.If Jah dosn’t exist at all,I loose nothing but all my hopes.I loose nothing but my heart.If I still belive in Jah Jah?I do not know…
-You know Jah did all this for you to find out if you really belive in him.
-What?Jah makes no sense.
-Listen to me little lady,I said and saw a flame lighting up in her eyes.For the love of Jah,you would,do anything,right?
-Yes.I would have…I mean…
-And do you know what Jah does for your love ?
-He does nothing.
-Not true.Jah made you throw that cross.Now put your hand in the water.If Jah loves you,you will find it.If you do not,you may not belive.Humans these days,ye know,they consider themselves too smart to belive someone loves them so much ,no matter what.It seems absurd to them,that an entity would give anything for love,just as you,because they live in a world like glass.Sometimes we think it’s a diamond,or other times,we see ourselves threw it and get scared of what we really are.Then we blame Jah,cause’ he’s the only one left to blame for what we see or for the stupid decisions we take.But little lady if we the courage to take a decision,no matter how wrong,Jah will help us find light.
And her white hand got into the dirty water of the river.I heard her fingers dig threw the dirt then I saw her face.It was all under the conquering of a giant smile ,for in her white hand she held her silver cross,thank Jah for ye love,i told her,and she vanished ,never to be seen.

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