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octombrie 6th, 2009


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It’s a big probability that we suffer.A bigger probability than anything.A bigger probability than feeling happy.Or complete.Or not alone.Help me.Who ever made probabilities didn’t calculate fate.If you start from point A with a speed of 20 paces per second and I am in point D ,your only mathematical destination,is it true that we meet sooner or later?Is it?
First you have to divide by 5 and then mesure and after that you use Pitagora to find out the diagonal of a square is an irational number.How do you find out a person is irational?Persons are diagonals?
Ok,I’m in point D forever.And it seems your pace is shrinking consequently every time because you don’t look like you’re moving from here.What is this,a bad joke?I am your only fucking mathematical destination,come!Why are you deviating!?!?!?Why are you going the other way?!?!You’re not evan irational,you’re simply wrong!WRONG,you hear me!!!
But noone ever sais point D can’t run after point A to ask why is he doing that.The truth is,point D and point A  just need to find out how life works best for them.That’s why they don’t accept only one mathemathical destination,in the form of eachother.
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